Our Goal

Our Goal

Consistency, Quality and Service

We want to make the world’s best malt.

It’s simple when you think about it. The Michael family has been growing malting barley in Canterbury for five generations. The climate, the soil and our geography all combine to make the South Island of New Zealand one of the best malting barley growing regions in the world.

At the beginning of the new millennium, farmers Doug and Gabi Michael witnessed the birth of the craft beer revolution. Smaller brewers were popping up across New Zealand, experimenting with new recipes, and looking for quality grains and malts to give their beer exciting colour and flavour.

Since then, Gladfield Malt has grown from strength to strength, in part due to their progressive farming techniques, and their technological innovations in the roasting process. It’s also fair to say Gladfield Malt’s growth has been supported by the successes of the brewers who use their new and ever-expanding range of malts.

Along the way, we picked up the DB’s Morton Coutts Trophy for Innovation and Achievement in 2015 for our development and expansion of New Zealand-based and speciality malts.